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Nina's A24th: A Themed Party

date. 2023

purpose. birthday design project

about the project. I throw themed parties semi-regularly, and love to try designing several elements from invites to playlist covers to any tertiary additions I can think of. This celebration included a cheat sheet for gifts, and an interactive invitation themed around the movies of A24.

Playlist Cover.



These were 3D invites inspired by the film Everything Everywhere All At Once.

The QR code to RSVP was rolling around under a plastic dome to mimic a

googly eye.

Gift Cheat Sheet.

Inspired by the kind of ephemeral posters attached to A24

films, this piece was the most fun to make.

Shell Birth Certificate.

One of the party games was a Make-Your-Own Marcel the Shell station, and

these birth certificates accompanied the shells for that extra bit of personalization.

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