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JAM: Tea Room & Music Bar

date. 2021

purpose. LMU experimental type

about the project. An art deco inspired concept for a daytime tea room & nighttime music bar. Jewel tones & simplistic type balance the duality of a classy brunch and a rousing night of music. The challenge was to create a hand lettered typeface for the venue by cultivating a desired atmosphere and seeing it through in the typography. 

mock up of a tea steeper & coaster
Window with JAM logo
Postcard for tea room & music bar

JAM: Mood-boarding and Prototyping

final prelim_Page_03.png
final prelim_Page_02.png
final prelim_Page_05.png
final prelim_Page_06.png
final prelim_Page_07.png
final prelim_Page_08.png
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